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Due Diligence (Financial, Tax and Legal)

Due Diligence (Financial, Tax and Legal)

Depending on the Target’s condition, our due diligence service can cover the following:

1.  Review Structure of Target Company

2.  Analyse Business Strategy and Business Model

3.  Analyse Quality of Earnings

4.  Analyse Quality of Assets

5.  Identify Unrecorded Liabilities

6.  Review Profitability and Liquidity

7.  Identify Intercompany/Affiliated Transactions

8.  Legal Compliance and Issues

9.  Tax Compliance and Issues

10.  Control System and IT

11.  Key Person Profile

12.  Human Resources Review

We are also able to link our due diligence service with share valuation and/or assets appraisal services, co-provided by our public appraiser (KJPP) partners.